How can we avoid fungus?

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If not lost and accidentally ingested the fungus. Do not panic because the fungus can harm our body. In case of eating continuously for a long time only.

perseverance food to buy And before eating, smelling doesn’t help. Because mold has no smell. And try to observe yourself. Whether there are any allergies such as nasal congestion, itching, watery eyes, runny nose, itchy mouth, itchy nose from eating or not UFABET

You should maintain good cleanliness within the home. Because that is the first thing that must be done to prevent fungus. Additionally, fungi can grow. and spread spores across various surfaces nearby. Therefore, in the refrigerator, dish towels, food containers or even the kitchen counter There may be fungal spores attached to it. Therefore, it should be cleaned often.

Mold grows best in humid places. If possible, the humidity level within your home should be controlled, not exceeding 40%.

You should clean the inside of the refrigerator often. At least once a month or two. By bringing baking soda to dissolve water and wipe clean and where it is suspected that there will be mold. then bring vinegar mixed with water to scrub off the dish towel. If it starts to smell It’s better to throw it away than to wash it and use it again. This could give the mold an opportunity to continue to spread in your home.