Lampard confirmed Calvert-Lewin Still important to Everton

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Lampard confirm Calvert-Lewin Still important to Everton Although the results are not scorching this season

Everton manager Frank Lampard has confirmed that Dominic Calvert-Lewin It’s still important to the team. Although the past will not perform well this season. Report from UFABET

“DCL”, 25, faced a difficult season for himself with injury problems plaguing this season. He was involve in only 15 games and only scored three goals. by the last goal he score in the league. We have to go as far back as August 2021.

“He’s a great striker. There is a hunter instinct that is not very common these days. But what I regret most is that I don’t have him in perfect condition.”

“He has not been involved in much of the game this season. And as we know with strikers they need game time, fitness and confidence. We haven’t been able to get it all from him at the same time, but he’s definitely a player with potential. And he has three years left on his contract. And I want to take the club forward. with players like him helping to achieve that goal.”

“I know he hasn’t play that much. because of fitness problems And now he’s back fit. I hope he can be involved in our last few games as a starting XI.”

In the last three games of this season, Everton will play against Brentford (home), Crystal Palace (home) and Arsenal (away), with the teams two points clear of the relegation zone and down. Play less than 1 game