Kane vows to help Son grab a top scorer over Salah in the last two games.

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Kane vows to help Son grab a top scorer over Salah in the last two games.

Tottenham Hotspur striker Harry Kane has confirmed he is ready to help Son Heung-min score more goals until he overtakes Mohamed Salah to claim the award. The goalscorer went on to win in the last two games left.

“Ask if I will allow Son Heung-min to take a penalty in the last two games in pursuit of the top scorer? Well, we don’t even know if the team will get a penalty or not. Let’s just say it’s time to take a closer look,” the Bluetooth striker told UFABET.

“Sonny’s performance this season has been phenomenal. He has continued to score goals for us. Which I am very happy to play side by side. And Sunday night’s game against Burnley is very important for the TOP 4 challenge.”

“My goal In addition to bringing the team to 4th place, it is helping Sonny get the highest scorer award. But at the same time everyone knows that the three points from each match are so much more important than personal stats that they can’t be compare.

“The two of us work really well together. Because we train together so hard every day. If I’m not mistaken, we’ve been together for 3 seasons, right?”

“Especially lately when I’m going down low and picking up the ball. He’ll run forward where I can pass the ball even if I have an advantage every time. Sometimes you don’t even have to look to know where he’s going. But the important thing is the quality of Sonny’s finishing because he can shoot both left-footed and right-footed. The duels defeated most of the opponents. He’s someone who really enjoys playing football.”