Busquets is preparing to move to collect Saudi money.

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Sergio Busquets is leaving Barcelona at the end of the season. And the 34-year-old midfielder is expected to make a big move from the Saudi club.

Mundo Deportivo reported on Wednesday that Sergio Busquets’ agent, Josep Maria Orobitk, is considering three offers from Saudi clubs. After the 34-year-old midfielder decided to leave the club at the end of his contract with Barcelona this summer. 

Busquets made his first-team debut at Barcelona in 2008. Before making history during his career at the Nou Camp and becoming one of the best midfielders in the history of football. He is ending his 15-year career with Azulgrana. And now it looks like the 34-year-old midfielder is heading to the Middle East with three Saudi clubs as an alternative.

According to the report, Busquets’ agent Orobitk is considering offers from three Saudi clubs. Including Al Hilal, who has linked with Lionel Messi. And the Al Shabab team of Vicente Moreno, Spanish trainer and Al Nasser, Cristiano Ronaldo’s agency UFABET

Al Hilal is said to have make a tax-free offer of around €15m a year to the Barcelona midfielder. And the same club are also trying to lure both Messi and Jordi Alba to the club this summer as well. But Spanish media did not detail the other two offers from Al Shabab or Al Nasser. Which are expect to be similar in value.