Bellingham has confirmed he is ready to stay at Dortmund next season.

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Bellingham has confirmed he is ready to stay at Dortmund next season. After being satisfie with the development of their own play.

Dortmund’s England midfielder Jude Bellingham has insist. He will not leave the club next season. Despite the news with many clubs in the Premier League. Report from UFABET

The 18-year-old midfielder is contract to Dortmund until mid 2025. Has been link with several English clubs. Who want him back to play in his hometown again The player moved to Germany at the age of 16 from the club Birmingham. But the price is up to 25 million euros, and he said through German media that he still wants to play in the Bundesliga.

“My future ahead is only for the next game against Dortmund. I’m looking forward to next season. Looking forward to the start of the season again. And yes, I will be with the team next year. and i’m ready I have my goals that I set myself. And he can improve himself if I can build the results and the confidence of the people around me.”

“I moved from England at a young age. There wasn’t much pressure. The first season went well. There are some games that start at the backup. And some games have to sit and watch the game throughout the game. This year, I think I’ve been taking on bigger responsibilities in every game. And I’m very please with how Dortmund help me in terms of improving my playing. Both the coach and the staff who have always supported me. and made me only interested in winning on the field because I move here for this.”