Recommend 5 tips to play Dragon Tiger cards without causing passion

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Recommend 5 tips to play Dragon Tiger cards without causing passion

Dragon Tiger is a game in which cards are played. The key components are tables. The table is not very different from baccarat. But in dividing the table will be 2 sides. Which put the symbols of dragon and tiger itself, then when everyone is playing Dragon Tiger, 

There is a simple way to bet on the side that everyone thinks that the card is definitely superior. myself Each round takes no more than 3 minutes. At the same time many UFABET. people tend to play until they enjoy it. easy passion. So what are some ways to calm your mind? Answers are provided here.

1. Have a goal to play which do not have to follow anyone Do as your heart desires, write it out and place it in a position that everyone often plays so that the eyes can see clearly.

2. Prepare money with a small percentage that ¼ of the money collected for playing Dragon Tiger cards is easy. If saving at 20%, then the money played in the game is not more than 5%. That’s enough. Where did the 5% money come from? must not be a savings Daily use money or money that needs to be used elsewhere should not be thought of as per capital In the world of gambling games, you lose money all the time. 

The money that should be brought down, even if it’s less, should be able to find money to make more money or from food money 100 baht per day. How many baht do you eat left to play? Why use this method of earning money? The main thing is to know the value of money. Because most people who play until their wallets run out, don’t plan, don’t know how scarce the money is. If you try hard to find money when you pay, always think carefully.

3. Be conscious and trust yourself. No matter how well the plan is, if the mind is not stable, it is very difficult to play happily. Can play cards Tiger and Dragon and separate accounts There are many websites that can use wallet. Account segregation is good to some extent.

4. Understand the game of gambling There are investments and losses are not 100%, so don’t expect to be rich with playing, hope for fun and fun. Remember that it’s easy to get it and it’s easy to lose.

5. Enjoy your favorite games to the fullest. divide badly That’s all, playing gambling games can be fun.